After School Clubs/Nurseries

““Mummy I just wish I could do Go Go Makers every day after school.” ​Samuel Aged 6, Year 1

Inspiring little minds to think BIG!

​​Go Go Makers run after school clubs catering for Reception and KS1 children as well as sessions/clubs for nurseries and pre-school children.  Go Go Creators also delivers after school clubs for KS2 children.  Each week we deliver our own fun and exciting educational programme that is written in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and areas of OFSTED.  

 Go Go Makers sessions offer more than arts and crafts alone.  We create a unique learning experience using a number of different elements, including the Go Go Makers song, the mystery of the Go Go Makers and Go Go Creators Box, educational based themes and we also teach the children new techniques along the way.  Oh, and these are all supported by our growing family of mascots including Mr Go Go himself, Miss Go Go and Baby Go Go!


Each week projects are themed to suit the curriculum, where children are presented with new materials for them to explore.  The sessions encourage them to learn and develop new skills, express themselves creatively and improve their concentration levels, all of which aim to provide the child with a sense of self-worth.


In summary, Go Go Makers and Go Go Creators accommodate the needs of the schools, nurseries, parents and most importantly, the children.